Unbiased antimicrobial resistance prevalence estimates through population-based surveillance

BACKGROUND: Current antimicrobial resistance surveillance (AMR) is mainly laboratory based. This approach can have inherent biases given the potential for selective specimen submission for microbiological analysis and for its inability to map …

The burden of tuberculosis; measuring uncertainty

How certain are published estimates on the burden of disease?

Lot Quality Assurance Sampling as a tool for surveillance of antimicrobial resistance

Can LQAS-based surveillance provide locally-relevant estimates?

TB-HIV co-infection in the Netherlands: estimating prevalence and under-reporting in national registration databases using a capture-recapture analysis

BACKGROUND: Knowledge of the HIV status in patients with tuberculosis (TB) and vice versa is crucial for proper individual patient management, while knowledge of the prevalence of co-infection guides preventive and therapeutic strategies. The aim of …