Lot Quality Assurance Sampling

Efficient sampling to obtain population-based estimates of antimicrobial resistance.

Appropriateness of diagnosis and antibiotic use in sepsis patients admitted to a tertiary hospital in Indonesia.

OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the diagnostic and antibiotic treatment strategies for patients suspected of sepsis, in a tertiary hospital in Indonesia. This can identify areas for improvement in care provided, and inform diagnostic and antimicrobial …

Lot Quality Assurance Sampling as a tool for surveillance of antimicrobial resistance

Can LQAS-based surveillance provide locally-relevant estimates?

Antimicrobial drug resistance in urinary tract infections in Indonesia.

A project on effective surveillance strategies for antimicrobial resistance

Predictive value of the urinary dipstick test in the management of patients with urinary tract infection-associated symptoms in primary care in Indonesia: a cross-sectional study.

OBJECTIVE: To assess the test characteristics of a urine dipstick test in predicting a positive urine culture in an outpatient setting in Indonesia. DESIGN: Cross-sectional study. SETTING: Two outpatient clinics in Medan, Indonesia. PARTICIPANTS: 616 …