Current projects

Lot Quality Assurance Sampling

Efficient sampling to obtain population-based estimates of antimicrobial resistance.

Urinary tract infection in nursing home residents

Assessing the usefullness of potential point-of-care tests and non-specific symptoms as diagnostic tools.

Identifying accumulation of resistance-associated mutations during tuberculosis treatment

Assessing the effects of inappropriate initial treatment for MDR-TB

Syndemic of hypertension, diabetes, mental illness and HIV in Eswatini

A nested national survey within a rollout of community-based hypertension care.

Antimicrobial drug resistance in urinary tract infections in Indonesia.

A project on effective surveillance strategies for antimicrobial resistance

Previous projects

Tuberculosis prevalence surveys

National TB prevalence surveys in Tanzania and Bangladesh.

Multidrug resistant tuberculosis in Europe

Management of patients with MDR-TB in the TBnet clinical network.

Tuberculosis control in the immigrant population in the Netherlands

Contact tracing and mandatory screening for TB in immigrants.

Community-based directly-observed treatment for tuberculosis treatment

Assessing the role and effectiveness of treatment supporters.

Five Most Recent Publications

(2023). Availability and costs of medicines for the treatment of tuberculosis in Europe. Clinical Microbiology and Infection: The Official Publication of the European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases.


Recent & Upcoming presentations

Who we are and what we are going to do

How can we move from laboratory-based to population-based surveillance of antimicrobial resistance?

Who we are and what we are going to do

How certain are published estimates on the burden of disease?

Can LQAS-based surveillance provide locally-relevant estimates?

General public summaries

Findings from a national survey in Tanzania